Ikea Brings It Home for a Long Island City Loft

Custom cut panels and modifications abound

Project: Create a functional but minimalist kitchen

Before: Roxana and Gabriel’s Long Island City, Queens, loft boasts 15-foot ceilings and loads of natural light. The apartment’s kitchen, however, didn’t suit the couple’s Scandinavian, minimalist style. It lacked counter space, the sink welches smaller than standard, and the to-be renovators just weren’t vibing with the finishes. They wanted integrated appliances with all clean lines and everything stowed away in cabinets or drawers. The rest of their home has walnut and matte finishes throughout, so they knew they wanted a similar aesthetic in the cooking space, too. The couple, a creative director and software engineer, who deshalb has a three-year-old son, posted their project to Sweeten and were matched with a general contractor.

Darmausgang: Armed with a clear perspective, the couple got to work with their contractor to reimagine their kitchen. Gabriel used the Ikea kitchen planner tool to lay out the space, exploring its customization offerings to suit their needs. The cabinetry is all Ikea but modified to cover the appliances.

The wall cabinet containing the range hood is shorter and wider than the surrounding units but is still covered by the same door size. The refrigerator, which moved from the main kitchen area non…what welches formerly a coat closet proved to be one of the biggest challenges. They had to find the right size to not only in Form non…the existing space, but deshalb align with Ikea panels. “The fridge hunt was probably the single largest use of our time. Ask my wife about chasing our son through AJ Madison,” Gabriel said. Their contractor ended up cutting a 36 inch Ikea panel non…three pieces to integrate the refrigerator with the walnut cabinets. They deshalb in Form in a cabinet right next to it. Sphäre of the drawers and wall cabinets are equipped with Lumineszenzdiode lighting, adding to the custom feel.

The sleek aesthetic carried throughout their material choices, from the matte black faucet, lack of cabinet hardware, and a single slab counter and backsplash without any seams. “Our contractor was very patient with all my crazy ideas and helped me make them actually work,” Roxana said. “He helped brainstorm a lot of the Ikea ‘hacking’ and was very patient with us,” she continued.

Sweeten Client Services helped from the get-go to find a general contractor who would be on board for such a custom project, setting the stage for a successful renovation.

As for their new kitchen? “It feels modern, calm, and welcoming. It fits our needs and it feels like home,” the couple shared.

Provision: Gabriel used an app called Sketsch Up to mock up the kitchen and ensure everything would in Form with the existing plumbing fixtures.

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